2009 Annual Meeting and Symposium
Celebrating Armed Forces Day

Symposium and Annual Business Meeting of the North Carolina Military Historical Society
May 16, 2009, NC Museum of History, Raleigh, NC

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The annual meeting and symposium of your Society was held May 16 at the N.C. History Museum. At 10:00 A.M. President Tom Belton opened the meeting, welcoming members and guests, followed by a brief business meeting with reports of the Officers. The nominations for the coming year’s officers are as follows: Tom Belton-President, Peggy Campbell- First Vice President, Tom Alexander-Second Vice President and acting Recording Secretary and Charles Scott- Treasurer. Si Harrington will fill the office of Past President. New Directors elected to three year terms are Bob Basnight, Vance Holt, Carlton Harrell and John Winecoff. Charles Scott will fill the remaining one year term.


The first program was a brief picture tour of our military museum at Kure Beach conducted by Tim Winstead. It was followed by an interview with George.  George enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943 and on February19, 1945 found himself going ashore at Iwo Jima as a member of the Fifth Marine Division. He was a member of a 105 mm howitzer crew. Needless to say things got pretty hot for George.


Bruce Daws came in full uniform and gave an excellent program on the Fayetteville Independent Light Infantry. He has served as Major and commanding officer of this old and respected military organization since 1984.


The day concluded with a program by Dick Ellis.  Dick was drafted into the Army in1966 and soon found himself in Vietnam where he was assigned to the American Forces Vietnam Network. Not one to sit still he armed himself with an M-2 Carbine and traveled to many of the hot spots in the country.


Many thanks to Tommy Dorsey for his display of Japanese and American Military hardware.